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“[Your program] helped jumpstart him in the right direction, gave him some good goals to work toward and helped us to see what he was needing. While we were not expecting the diet change, it helped get him in a healthier place and his health habits were improved because of it.  He is starting to take more responsibility and ownership for his choices and the effects of them.

“The program helped him get started in a forward direction and we are grateful for it and for you! …overall it was definitely a good and beneficial step for him to work with you and it helped both him and us to see what he needs more help and support with. He is doing better, sleeping better, eating better, working, taking more responsibility, being more purposeful with his time, and he even went on a couple dates this past week!  Thank you for helping him to move forward.” AH, Mom of young adult son with Asperger’s


Christine Erickson, MA, CMHC, received her BS in Nursing from Weber State University in 1996. After working for a couple years as a nurse, she became a stay at home mom (and home schooler) as she traveled from Utah to Indiana, then to Okinawa, Japan, California, and New York where her husband Jeff attended dental school, served in the military, and did an orthodontic residency. After enjoying the diversity of the greater NYC area for three years, Christine and her family moved to Saint George, Utah, where they have been since 2006.

Christine finished her Master’s in Counseling Psychology through City University of Seattle in 2010. She began seeing clients as a student here in St. George in 2006 with Matt Eschler, Ph.D. as her supervisor at A Southern Utah Counseling Experience.

In addition Christine has also worked with Jennifer Spangler at Redstone Counseling, and at the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic of Saint George. She has seen clients with a wide variety of problems, but has focused on a few particular areas, all coincidentally starting with the letter A: anger, anxiety, children with Asperger’s, and adolescent girls overcoming addictions.

In January 2017 Christine opened the doors of her new business, EMOTIONAL HEALING, PLLC. She also began working with her clients in a program format, and has seen many benefits already from working in this way.

Christine has been helping her clients use mindfulness for about five years now. In 2014 Christine finished the Certificate Program for Mindfulness in Psychotherapy, an 8 month course on the application and use of mindfulness in the therapy setting. As part of that program, Christine began a daily mindfulness practice.

Christine has also studied energy work, completing a course in Quantum Self-Healing in 2016, which she has begun to use with clients as they are interested. She has found it to be quite helpful to several clients.

On a personal note, Christine and her husband Jeff are the parents of seven children (including one foster child). As a family they enjoy many different activities, from hospital tag to visiting family, from watching TV to swimming or roller blading. You might see Christine and Jeff on their tandem bike on the trails around St. George (Jeff does most of the work and is an excellent bug shield).



Christine uses an understanding of Cognitive Behavioral and Humanistic principles in her therapy approach. She uses the practice and principles of mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique, and other tools that clients can use on their own, tailored to their needs as well as their individual strengths and interests. Christine is very interested in principles of neuroscience, and applies research-based methods in her therapy. This includes incorporating aspects of physical and mental health and the formation of healthy habits in these areas.

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Christine offers clients the option of working session by session with her, or in a program format. Programs provide a structured format for clients to meet their goals. Programs can be short or long term and delivered in either a coaching or therapy relationship (therapy work includes diagnostic assessment and focus). Traditional counseling methods are combined with accountability tools, and ongoing support via online contact in order to assist you in reaching your goals.


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