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One of my children in particular has struggled with anxiety. On many occasions, her worries would start up at bedtime, and keep her going for a couple hours beyond when she should have been asleep. Worries about life after death, pets that had died, unwanted thoughts that came from who knows where because they certainly didn’t make any sense… She would seek comfort from us, even though we were tired and not at our best parenting so late. After talking and listening and being heard and comforted and having suggestions given to her, she would leave our room – only to return again a few minutes later. After a while she would come in to apologize. “Sorry I keep coming into your room,” she’d say. A few minutes later she would come in again. “I’m really sorry I keep coming in to your room.” And next, “Can you please forgive me for coming into your room?” and then “Sorry I keep coming into your room” over and over again.

anxiety treatment


We are more anxious than ever before. I heard a disturbing suggestion once that today’s teenager is as anxious as the average inpatient in a psychiatric hospital several decades ago. There are a lot of things that could explain this. Overdiagnosis could account for part of it. A faster paced lifestyle. Higher expectations that may come with more exposure to a larger audience through social media. Food sources that have completely different nutritional values than they did 100 years ago. Food that isn’t really food but takes the place of it. Over-stimulation, over-medication (prescribed) and substance use. There is really no way to determine what has caused such a surge in anxiety in the general population, but it is a real issue facing many individuals today.



After gaining an understanding of factors that may be contributing to your unique situation, I will give you practical tools to help you deal with the type of anxiety you are experiencing. A anxietylarge part of this is mindfulness meditation, which I have been practicing myself for about six years now, and have been using with clients as well. I have seen many people experience a huge benefit through mindfulness meditation. Occasionally an individual will struggle with a mindfulness practice for one reason or another. We can explore your challenges and do some problem solving together, to see whether you could benefit from this practice.


I also combine cognitive behavioral strategies and lifestyle choices that can help contribute to the best possible outcome. This may also include nutritional and supplement suggestions to best optimize your functioning as a whole. 


I offer clients the option of working session by session or in a program format. I prefer to work in a program format, but it is YOUR choice which will work best for you.


My goal is to help you find understanding and tools that will help you leave therapy feeling capable, confident, and calm. 



I used multiple strategies with my daughter, including cognitive behavioral, mindfulness (which was a struggle due to ADHD issues), energy work, and also acupuncture (not by me!). We also addressed nutritional needs. She is doing so much better – still experiencing anxiety, but has several tools she can use to cope when it comes.


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Each person’s experience with anxiety is unique. If you are seeking help for your own anxiety, please set up an appointment with me below. You’ll need to provide me with a bit of information so I can contact you, then you’ll be able to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you. You may also schedule an initial 30 minute phone consultation free of charge. At that time I will provide you with some specific strategies to cope with your anxiety, and we can also discuss options for working together if you are interested.


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