When I was a senior in high school, I somehow ended up in the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz for our high school musical. I say somehow, because when I tried out for the play gettingPutting on a Face this role was completely unexpected. I’d been in two shows previously as part of the ensemble, but I’d never had my own lines or a solo. It was exciting and flattering, so I accepted the challenge and took on the role. It was very stressful – having vocal and facial expression was unnatural for me even without a big stage to emphasize my part, and it was a trial for my director (sorry Ms. Henry!), my fellow students, and also for myself. I practiced and practiced, and performed my part well. I think. I felt so mis-cast as the leading role that the night of the cast party, when everyone got together and watched a recording of the musical (and ate pizza, etc.) I laid down on the floor in front of the TV and went to sleep. I never watched the recording.


There are many people who identify with the label “Asperger’s”… and there are many people who have never had a diagnosis, but have wondered if they might have Asperger’s. This page is directed to the many people out there who struggle with social awkwardness:

  • Those who may or may not have Asperger’s are functioning well enough that they may have missed out on a diagnosis or have been diagnosed later in life
  • Those who do not have enough symptoms for a diagnosis but still struggle significantly in social settings
  • Those who may have another diagnosis altogether (i.e. ADHD) but feel that they just don’t fit in socially

I fall into this category – never been diagnosed, but I realize that I could have the label if I sought it out. I have learned a few things from my own struggles, and from some of the struggles of family members, and would like to share with you some things that have helped me and some family members to soften the edges of some of our symptoms.


Capturing a MomentMY APPROACH

There is a wide range of level of functioning, of different symptoms that are experienced, and of strengths that are found in each individual. After getting to know you personally, I will work with you to help you gain the most from your experience working with me. We will work together to identify needs, strengths, and preferences, and develop strategies based on this. The goal is for me to help you find a unique combination of tools that will help you to best meet your potential and be as successful as possible in all areas of life.


I offer clients the option of working session by session, or in a program format. The program format is my favorite, as it provides structure to the therapy process and predictability for all involved. My goal is to help you develop skills and habits that will help you feel calm, capable, and confident beyond the therapy setting.



You are the expert on your own life. During our first consultation I will listen to your story, give you some starting tools to help you right away, and we will discuss some options for 


working together. In future sessions we will go more in depth with your story, and overcome challenges that have been getting in the way of your success. If you are seeking improvement in your life because of your social challenges, please set up a free initial phone consultation with me and we’ll get started.


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